Helvetas Projects Worldwide

Global Commitment

In over 250 projects, the Helvetas network advocates for a world in which people can live in dignity, safety and autonomy.

To this end, we focus our energies on issues of water, infrastructure, basic education and vocational training, sustainable economy, governance and peace as well as the environment and climate.

Here is a selection of our projects.

© Helvetas
Mali Private Sector Development

Dynamizing Agriculture for the Youth

© Helvetas
Laos Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

Fostering Civic Engagement

© Helvetas / Patrick Rohr
Laos Private Sector Development

Good Tea Fetches Good Prices

© Helvetas/Nomwindé Sawadogo
Burkina Faso WASH & Water Governance

Health for Schoolchildren and Their Families

© Helvetas / Simon B. Opladen
Nepal Private Sector Development

Riverbed Vegetables

© Helvetas
Nepal WASH & Water Governance

A Fair Share of the Water

© Helvetas
Mali WASH & Water Governance

For Functional Wells and Communities

© Helvetas
Ethiopia Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

Taking Responsibility for Village Administration

© Helvetas
Madagascar Climate & Disaster Resilience

Boosting Income to Boost Rainforest Conservation

© Helvetas
Mozambique WASH & Water Governance

Supplying Small Towns with Water

Mozambique Education and Vocational Skills

Training for the Real Working World

Haiti Education and Vocational Skills

Training young people for the working world

© Helvetas
Haiti Climate & Disaster Resilience

Better Prepared for Storms

© Helvetas / Simon Opladen
Guatemala WASH & Water Governance

Good Governance Makes for Good Water

© Helvetas / Flurina Rothenberger
Myanmar Education and Vocational Skills

Well Equipped for the Working World

© Helvetas
Bhutan Education and Vocational Skills

Building Trades with a Future for Young Men and Women

© Helvetas / Christian Bobst
Kosovo Education and Vocational Skills

Jobs for Young People

© Helvetas/Stephane Brabant
Benin Education and Vocational Skills

Making Up Lost Years of School

© Helvetas / Patrick Rohr
Ethiopia Education and Vocational Skills

Know-How and Skills for Young Tradespeople

© Helvetas
Ethiopia Climate & Disaster Resilience

Pastoralists Take Charge of Natural Resource Management

© Helvetas
Pakistan Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

Economic Prospects for Peace and Stability

© Helvetas
Bangladesh Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

Sound Local Policy for Real Change

© Helvetas / Simon B. Opladen
Bangladesh Climate & Disaster Resilience

Clean Drinking Water from the Skies Above

© Helvetas / Bruna Fossati
Sri Lanka Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

Young People on Course for Reconciliation

© Helvetas / Narendra Shrestha
Nepal Bridges & Roads

Trail Bridges for Safe Routes

© Helvetas / Patrick Rohr
Nepal Climate & Disaster Resilience

Fresh Start after the Earthquake

Vietnam_Biotrade_Woman | © Helvetas
Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar Private Sector Development

Ethical Trade in Botanicals