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Improving the Life Conditions in Rural Areas of Kyrgyzstan

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The Public Service Improvement Project (PSI project) is a Swiss Government funded project aiming at improving the life conditions in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan through increased quality and better access to services. The PSI project is implemented by Helvetas and Development Policy Institute (DPI). It is an overall 10-years intervention with the first phase of 4 years starting in May 2015.

  • Project Name
    Public Service Improvement
  • Project Phase
    2015 to 2019
  • Funding
    This project is funded by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  • Thematic focus
    Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion


The project in its Phase I will be implemented in two out of seven regions (oblasts) of Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul and Jalal-Abad. Altogether 30 municipalities are targeted by the first phase of the PSI project (2015-2019) where the distribution is 19 (out of 76) in Jalal-Abad and 11 (out of 64) in Issyk-Kul. The distribution was set in accordance with the proportional number of municipalities, ratio of urban and rural  municipalities, and population size in the respective regions. In 2015, the project started with 14 pilot municipalities covering 7 local self- governments in each of the two regions. In 2016, the project intervention has  been extended from 14 to 30 municipalities, covering 28 rural local self-governments and 2 towns.

The PSI Project works on two levels:

  1. at the local level the project places the focus on tangible public service improvements for citizens and support service providers, both public and private, to deliver more effective, efficient, and sustainable municipal services and
  2. locally and nationally the project will tackle the issues of governance structures by strengthening various interaction systems of citizens’ input, municipal oversight over public service providers and the interaction system between local and national stakeholders
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A service on organization of leisure was improved by the opening of the recreation park in Lenin municipality © Helvetas
© Helvetas
A service on organization of leisure was improved by the opening of the recreation park in Lenin municipality © Helvetas
© Helvetas
The kindergarten in Masy village (JA) opened its door for 170 children © Helvetas
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Openning of a cultural center that will benefit over 3’500 residents of Ottuk and Kara-Shaar villages of Ulahol municipality © Helvetas

Project Goals

Municipalities have a sustainable system of service management at the local level timely and efficiently responsive to the demands of citizens

  • Citizens enjoy sustainable cost- effective services from local service providers
  • Effective stakeholder interaction system for public service improvements is in place
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A water supply system was opened for more than 3,900 residents of Sakaldy municipality © Helvetas


Issyk-Kul and Jalal-Abad are the regions where SDC has already invested in LSG development through its VAP Project. These regions are already fertile ground by having

a) mechanisms of citizen engagement for influencing local decision-making, planning and budgeting widely used and

b) the process of active community involvement in the dialogue with LSGs resulting in generating demand for better services, and certain expectations of service provision already formed.

Within the PSI project these demands will be institutionalized as the rights of citizens to obtain affordable and good quality services, along with the mechanisms for holding the municipalities accountable for service provision. The project implementation in these two regions will allow successful consolidation and the achievement of more sustainable results, thus increasing the effectiveness of the SDC investments.

«People are becoming more involved, we feel responsible to deliver results, then faith and respect for local self-government bodies will be strengthened, for now the pilot projects put more efforts then others.»

Kulchaev Kairat, Municipal Coordinator from Kumbel municipality of Issyk-Kul region

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Openning of the Kindergarten in Masy municipality © Helvetas


  • Citizens’ centered approach in selection of services to be improved – services selected on real needs and priorities of the population defined in a transparent and participatory way

  • Practicing service improvement through Service Improvement Action Plan (SIAP)
  • Two-tier grant scheme – municipalities receive two levels of grant support aimed at the first instance to elaborate a solid and comprehensive service improvement action plan and at the second instance to implement the plan (for winning municipalities through a competitive selection)
  • Clustering of municipalities, geographically to foster inter-communal knowledge exchanges, creation of inter-municipal working and planning groups, and joint service delivery models
  • Anchoring  good  governance  principles  in applied processes and procedures
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Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

In many countries where we work, men and women are unable to claim their rights and participate actively in decision-making processes.

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