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Rice for All

Myanmar is the sixth largest rice producing country in the world, but the second most vulnerable country in terms of vulnerability to extreme weather events related to climate change. Its impact is causing increasingly severe damage throughout the sector, making climate-smart farming methods all the more important...
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How Helvetas Supports People in Myanmar

Learn how the rural communities in Myanmar improve their income and strengthen civil society in its new role.

Multimedia Story: Protecting fish stocks in Myanmar

Helvetas is helping Myanmar fishermen develop sustainable fishing in the Gulf of Mottama. Click your way through our multimedia story!

Our Projects in Myanmar 

Joint INGO Statement on the unfolding crisis in Myanmar 

INGOs released a joint statement on the unfolding political crisis in Myanmar. The statement which was endorsed by 32 INGOs operating in Myanmar highlights the potential immediate and longer-term impacts of the military seizure of power on the safety, rights and wellbeing of people across Myanmar, particularly those already experiencing vulnerability and marginalization. INGOs reiterated their commitment and support for civil society partners, local community groups, and national civil society networks. INGOs call on all stakeholders to respect the fundamental human rights of all people in Myanmar, including freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech, and free flow of information, and to refrain from all forms of violence against peaceful protestors, journalists and media workers. The letter highlighted the critical role NGOs play in providing assistance and services during these challenging times and calls upon all relevant authorities to ensure humanitarian access for national and international stakeholders.

How we work 

Our Working Principles and Approaches

We strive for a fairer world in which everyone can fulfill their basic needs. We support people in taking charge of improving their livelihoods sustainably.

Education and Vocational Skills

Lack of education perpetuates inequality because poor countries cannot compete economically without a skilled workforce.

Global Commitment - Our working Areas

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Private Sector Development

Economic growth does not always benefit the poor and poverty is bad for growth. We need to make a proactive effort to break this vicious cycle.

Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

In many countries where we work, men and women are unable to claim their rights and participate actively in decision-making processes.

Gender & Social Equity

Helvetas makes sure that our work actively and meaningfully includes and supports the most disadvantaged groups.

Urban Engagement

In 1960, only 1/3 of the global population lived in cities. Today, it’s 55% and growing. Helvetas looks for ways to ensure that this rapid urbanization benefits the poor and the marginalized.

Travel around the World with our Stories

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Welcome Home

Hospitality has a long tradition for the Red Dao in the northern highlands of Vietnam. Thanks to sustainable tourism, it should now also give rural communities an income.

Where Tea Grows on Trees

In the mountainous hinterland of Laos, tea leaves are picked at high altitudes.

A Farmer’s Daughter Goes to College

Read how the Chakma family, with the support of Helvetas, has set up a tree nursery and thus freed themselves from poverty.

About the Helvetas country program in Myanmar

Helvetas Myanmar is part of a network of independent development organizations. With head offices in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, Helvetas is working in 29 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. As a learning organization we bring real change in the lives of over three million disadvantaged people every year and implement development projects in the areas of water and sanitation, agriculture and nutrition, education, economic development, democracy and peace, and climate and the environment. After disasters, we also provide humanitarian response.