South East Asia - 15. June 2019

Helvetas educates public about biodiversity through supporting artistic activities

Helvetas’ Regional Biotrade Project, funded by the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), recently announced a partnership with the 2019 SEAΔ program, created by Mekong Cultural Hub and funded by British Council.

The SEAΔ program creates space for cultural practitioners to reflect on how their work in arts and culture can contribute to sustainable development within South East Asia through their individual and collective leadership.  The current round of SEAΔ will focus on Biotrade and the importance of biodiversity preservation in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar

SEAΔ has four gatherings which provide 10 SEAΔ fellows from 10 countries in South East Asia opportunities to build their skills and networks, through masterclasses, activities, and visits integrated into the Biotrade program. At the four gatherings: SEAΔ exchange, SEAΔ create, SEAΔ share and SEAΔ reflect, Helvetas will share information about the Regional BioTrade project, biodiversity-related concepts like sustainable use, and opportunities to use culture as a tool to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Helvetas is excited to engage with arts and culture professionals to increase public awareness of biodiversity and Biotrade and to learn how to integrate artists and artistic perspectives in creative working processes.

For more information about SEAΔ project, please visit its website