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Supporting the development of value chains for natural ingredient products

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International recognition for Vietnam as a supplier of choice for biodiversity derived natural ingredient (NI) products – sourced, processed and traded in compliance with the Convention on Biological Diversity objectives and BioTrade principles


  • Selected natural ingredient value chains operate by the principles and criteria of BioTrade;
  • A national BioTrade sector that trades NI in local, regional and international markets in accordance to BioTrade principles and criteria;
  • An enabling policy and regulatory environment for the development BioTrade compliant initiatives.

Project Partners

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment


  • A group of interested, innovative companies committed to high quality that want to take up the BioTrade approach;
  • The project will encourage entrepreneurs from the very start of the project to form a BioTrade Interest Group, which could later institutionalize into an Association. The project will work very closely with and through the BioTrade Interest Group;
  • Other companies may crowd in via the BioTrade Interest Group;
  • Service providers in the sector, directly and through BioTrade Interest Group, to enhance their capacities;
  • Groups of farmers and collectors, generally jointly with the companies who buy NI from them

Achievement so far

  • Establishment of project partnership with NIMM and four pioneer pharmaceutical companies: Traphaco Co, Jsc – Nam Duoc Co, Jsc – Vietroselle Co, Ltd – DHG Nature Co, Ltd;
  • Development of the intervention plan of 6 determined natural ingredient value chains;
  • Important workshops organized to provide fundamental understanding of BioTrade concept and its standard for the value chain stakeholders and partners;
  • Relevant government institutions (MOH, MARD, MOIT, MONRE) identified and invited to participate in relevant project activities;
  • Formulation of BioTrade Interest Group Vietnam (BIG Vietnam).


1,000,000 USD 

Period: 2012 - 2014 

Main Contact 

Mr. Ta Minh Son
Project Manager
Email: son.ta@helvetas.org
Website: biotradevietnam.org/en

Our Working Principles and Approaches

We strive for a fairer world in which everyone can fulfill their basic needs. We support people in taking charge of improving their livelihoods sustainably.

How Helvetas Supports People in Vietnam

Helvetas promotes sustainable tourism in the mountainous regions of Vietnam and advocates for the protection of medicinal plants.