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Our Expertise and Services: Environment and Climate Change

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Climate change is threatening people’s livelihoods. Poor people in developing countries are the worst affected. Helvetas supports people to adapt to climate change, reduce the risk of disasters, and sustainably manage forests, water and other natural resources.

Why environment and climate change matter

Climate change disproportionately affects developing countries and in particular poor and disadvantaged people. It threatens important development progress achieved over the past decades. People living in our partner countries are facing a rise in the number and scale of disasters.

Secured access to land, water and other natural resources is critical for the livelihoods of disadvantaged people. Sustainable management of natural resources ensures the conservation of biodiversity and the continuous provision of essential ecosystem services.

What we do

Through our work on climate change, disaster risk and natural resource management, Helvetas contributes to reducing risks for people and increasing the resilience of their livelihoods.

We support the development and implementation of measures that allow our primary stakeholders and partners in the field to adapt to the expected effects of climate change. We promote measures to mitigate climate change such as avoiding or reducing emissions of greenhouse gases or increasing carbon storage in carbon sinks.

In the field of disaster management, we support measures to prevent disasters, reduce the vulnerabilities of communities to natural and other hazards and increase their preparedness for disaster events. Helvetas also provides humanitarian response in its partner countries in collaboration with partner organizations.

On natural resource management, we support local communities and people in securing their rights to natural resources such as forests, pastures or fisheries and sustainably managing these resources with the aim to improve their livelihood while conserving ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Helvetas links the local level – such as questions around the governance of natural resources – with the policy dialogue at the national level and in international fora.

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Farmer family in Bolivia © Helvetas / Simon B. Opladen
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Environment and Climate Change Communities improve and better manage their environment, have secure access to natural resources in particular land tenure and experience more secure & safer living conditions. © Helvetas / Agnieszka Kroskowska
© Helvetas
Klimawandel Climate change environment Umwelt,Celia Quispeccolque © Helvetas

What we offer

We provide advisory services to clients in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America:

  • Broad-based expertise and advice on climate change, disaster risk management, humanitarian response and natural resource management.
  • Ability to work across scales and combine science, policy and practice. Facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships.
  • Long-standing experience in mainstreaming climate change and disaster risk management in sectoral plans and policies and integrating climate change in development plans.
  • Development of context-specific analytical tools and methods and delivery of tailor-made trainings.
  • Bridging field activities with policy dialogue and doing complementary work at local, national, regional and international level.
  • Advocacy on climate and development policies, land and resources rights, biodiversity conservation and people-centered disaster risk management.
  • Assisting clients in designing programs and projects including project formulation, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Contact our team

Our multilingual advisory team offers wide-ranging thematic expertise and process competences. Building on the experience of Helvetas and its staff worldwide, we dispose of know-how and skills gained from over 60 years of field experience in more than 30 countries.

Selected projects

Helvetas develops and guides projects. To be sustainable, they must be locally embedded. We support our partners in effectively organizing projects and processes and assist local authorities to better assume their responsibilities.

© Helvetas
Madagascar Climate & Disaster Resilience

Boosting Income to Boost Rainforest Conservation

© Helvetas
Haiti Climate & Disaster Resilience

Better Prepared for Storms

© Helvetas
Ethiopia Climate & Disaster Resilience

Pastoralists Take Charge of Natural Resource Management

© Helvetas / Patrick Rohr
Nepal Climate & Disaster Resilience

Fresh Start after the Earthquake

Mali Climate & Disaster Resilience

New Strategies to Adapt to Climate Change

North Macedonia Climate & Disaster Resilience

Conserving Biodiversity, Managing Complex Landscapes

Switzerland Climate & Disaster Resilience

For Climate and Disaster Resilience - Swiss NGO DRR Platform

Bangladesh Voice, Inclusion & Cohesion

Local Government Initiatives on Climate Change

Rasht Valley Tajikistan | © Helvetas
Tajikistan Gender & Social Equity

Improved Nutrition and Health for Rural Families

Kyrgyzstan Private Sector Development

Sustainable Tourism Strengthens People and Nature

 Mother with daughter preparing food | © Patrick Rohr
Laos Climate & Disaster Resilience

Connecting for Improved Nutrition

© Helvetas / Luigi Baldelli
Madagascar Climate & Disaster Resilience

Boosting Income to Boost Rainforest Conservation

© Helvetas/Andrew Bartlett
Laos Private Sector Development

Towards a greener and more profitable future

© Helvetas Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Climate & Disaster Resilience

Green Economy for People and Environment

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