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Events, Voluntary Work and Educational Opportunities in Switzerland

Through exhibitions, teaching materials, film screenings and volunteer activities, Helvetas brings the Swiss population closer to the places we work around the world.
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A just world in which everyone can live in dignity and security requires not only development cooperation, but also a commitment to global justice from the Swiss public. As an organization with a broad membership base, Helvetas calls the Swiss public’s attention to the living conditions and concerns of people in developing countries and encourages expressions of solidarity in our capacity as consumers of fair trade products and as citizens who stand up for just Swiss development policies.

Through experience-oriented exhibitions and screenings of poignant films in Switzerland, Helvetas opens a window to the Global South and draws connections between life here and life in low and middle income countries. During visits to school classrooms we discuss global challenges and potential solutions with schoolchildren.

Volunteers get involved in Helvetas regional groups all over Switzerland, calling attention to the imbalance between North and South and spreading the word with their own information booths and events.

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GLOBAL HAPPINESS: What do we need to be happy?

The exhibition by Helvetas is as of the 6th May 2021 at the SIG in Geneva.

Event Agenda

All our Global Happiness events at a glance.


Sustainable development only works within the right policy framework. Helvetas advocates for dialog with political decision-makers.