© Christian Bobst / Helvetas
ETH Zürich 27. to 29. March 2019

Urbanization: Opportunity or Challenge for Fighting Poverty?

Today, cities and towns are home to the majority of the world’s inhabitants. However, the current unprecedented speed of urbanization in many countries presents serious challenges to the immediate and surrounding environment. The course discusses the current situation of urbanization in developing countries as well as the role of international actors and civil society.
© Helvetas / Chinch Gryniewicz
Belgrade 08. to 12. April 2019

CIVICUS International Civil Society Week (ICSW)

International Civil Society Week (ICSW) is a global gathering for civil society to connect, debate and create shared solutions. Through a ‘partnered’ approach, organisations pool their resources to convene a diverse international group of civil society leaders to share ideas, catalyse positive social change, exchange tools that enhance citizen action, and celebrate people power. Each ICSW explores a specific theme in-depth.
Cape Town 08. to 11. April 2019

Market Systems Symposium

Dynamic symposium exploring latest practice & research in market systems development globally.
Die Fischerin Dhana Davi Nath, 35, Nepal | © Helvetas
Bern 28. April to 03. May 2019

SDC-Gender Equality Network Global Face to Face 2019

Let’s be Gender Transformative!
© Helvetas
Spiez and Bern, Switzerland 13. to 17. May 2019

Aguasan Workshop

Advancing the Human Right to Water and Sanitation through Inclusive Business Approaches
Naturama Aargau 17. May 2019 to 01. March 2020


The exhibition by Helvetas goes in search of happiness – in Switzerland and across the world. This journey asks the question: what could "sustainable happiness" look like? Happiness that contributes to personal, societal and global well-being and does not harm the environment, other people or future generations? And what is it that makes the world, us, you and me, happy?