Mario Fehr

Miembro del Consejo de Asesoría
Mario Fehr, lic. iur
Adliswil, en la Junta Asesora desde 2011, lic. iur, miembro del gobierno del cantón de Zúrich

Mario Fehr has been a member of the governing council of the Canton of Zurich since 2011. He was a member of the Swiss Parliament as a member of the Socialdemocratic Party from 1999 to 2011, where he sat on the Foreign Policy Commission in the Upper Chamber of Deputies. From 1994 to 2010, Fehr was a member of the Executive Municipal Council of the town of Adliswil. From 1991 until 2000, he sat on the Zurich Cantonal Council and from 2000 to 2005, on the Zurich Constitutional Council. Fehr has a longstanding involvement with cooperation and development work. He works closely with the Tibet Society of Switzerland and he supports the work of the Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Association and of the Switzerland-Bhutan Society.