A female farmer in Hoang Su Phi has established a homestay for her family to server local and international visitors. | © @Helvetas/Nam Nguyen


Helvetas has successfully completed many projects in agriculture, local governance and water supply. Together with our partner organization, we have developed and handed over a more recent project to promote soft tourism. Today, the focus is on sustainable and equitable value chains such as the protection and use of medicinal plants and the local Shan Tea.
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  • Capital
  • Area
    330,967 km²
  • Poverty rate*
    3% of the population live under the poverty line of $1.90 per day
    Rank: 115 out of 188
  • Population
  • People supported per year
  • Thematic focus
    Governance, Peace & Migration
    Sustainable and Inclusive Economies
    Urban Engagement
* Source: UN Data

Helvetas has been active in Vietnam since 1994. We have advised farmers and provided access to local and international markets, improved drinking water supplies and established hygiene standards. Together with our partner Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED), we have set up models of low-impact and community-based tourism in northern Vietnam, which will now be continued independently by CRED.

We have advocated for the rights of disadvantaged ethnic minorities in the highlands. Responding to the rapidly changing context in Vietnam, Helvetas has shifted to more meso-level interventions, in particular by working with the private sector for sustainable and fair value chain development.

Sustainable cultivation of medicinal plants and fair marketing of products

Helvetas has pioneered the development of BioTrade products in Vietnam for national, regional and international markets. Vietnam possesses a wide range of plants containing substances much in demand for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products or for the food industry (e.g. cinnamon and anise). Key partners are small and medium Vietnamese enterprises that aim at developing sustainable business models and processes.

Helvetas advocates for the protection and sustainable use of this botanical diversity and is helping Vietnam establish itself as an international supplier of natural products that adhere to BioTrade standards. We advocate for fair prices for small farmers and fair pay for everyone in the supply chain. This approach is also extended to other commodities such as high quality Shan Tea.

We support capacity building and export promotion, connecting Vietnamese exporters to foreign importers in the wood sector and value-added textiles.

Building capacities for sustainable economic development

Agriculture and food markets have expanded rapidly in Asia and the Pacific Region in the past decades. But the local rural advisory services often don’t have sufficient expertise in value chains to ensure that the development is socially and environmentally sustainable.  

Helvetas is building a regional network of Centers of Excellence - quality training institutions (universities, research units) that provide courses on socially and environmentally sustainable economic value chain development. The initiative is implemented in 7 countries: Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India.

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Our Projects in Vietnam

 If you would like to know more about our work in Vietnam, click on each project for details.

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Vietnam Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

Fighting Poverty with Responsible Tourism

Vietnam_Biotrade_Woman | © Helvetas
Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

Ethical Trade in Botanicals

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Vietnam Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

BioTrade Initiative in Vietnam

Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, India Partnership and Capacity Development

Value Chain Capacity Building Network

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Vietnam Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

Swiss Import Promotion Program

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Vietnam Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

Women Empowerment through Shan Tea and Medicinal Plants

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Vietnam Governance, Peace & Migration

Strengthening Land Rights of Ethnic Minorities

Sustainable and Inclusive Economies

Economic growth does not always benefit the poor and poverty is bad for growth. We need to make a proactive effort to break this vicious cycle.

Environment and Climate Change

Every year, we support over 1,000,000 people adapt to climate change, reduce the risks of disasters, sustainably manage natural resources, and conserve nature.

Governance, Peace & Migration

In many countries where we work, men and women are unable to claim their rights and participate actively in decision-making processes.

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