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Swiss Development Policy

Switzerland must align its international policy in line with the UN 2030 Agenda. It is about global justice, equal opportunities, decent living and working conditions, and environmental protection.
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Together with Alliance Sud, Helvetas is urging Swiss policymakers and administration to bring Swiss policy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set forth in the UN 2030 Agenda. In particular, development policy coherence is essential: all Swiss interventions that have an impact on developing countries must be designed in favor of sustainable development. This applies to trade, finance and tax policy as well as to environmental and climate change policy, migration and agricultural policy.

Free trade agreements, for example, must be designed in accordance to human rights. Social standards must be incorporated into international investment promotion and protection agreements, corporations must be obliged to comply with ecological and human rights standards, and illegal financial flows from developing countries must be prohibited. Public procurement should consistently prioritize sustainability with respect for high economic, social and ecological standards.

Sustainable Public Procurement

Sustainable consumption ought to be a matter of course for federal, cantonal and municipal administrations. So Helvetas calls for a better Swiss Federal Law on Public Procurement.

Corporate Responsibility Initiative

For responsible corporations - to protect people and the environment. Learn more about the Corporate Responsibility Initiative here.

Development Cooperation Policy

Development cooperation has to fulfill an increasing number of tasks, while at the same time resources are being cut back. This is why it needs political support.

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