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© Keystone/EPA/Mehmet Emin Menguarslan
07. February 2023

Helvetas Helps Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria via Alliance2015 Partners

Helvetas is actively helping those in need in Turkey and Syria through its Alliance2015 partners working on the ground.
© Lesha Berezovskiy
31. January 2023

Multiplication of Crises in 2022 Leads to Increase in Donations at Helvetas

Last year, global crises demanded an increased commitment from NGOs like Helvetas in various regions. In particular, the war in Ukraine, the flood disaster in Pakistan and the drought in Ethiopia ...
© Ljubo Stefanov / NCP in Macedonia
19. December 2022

Agreement on biodiversity

Helvetas welcomes the historic agreement on biodiversity and will closely monitor its implementation.
© Helvetas / Ricardo Franco
20. November 2022

Climate Summit COP27: Progress Despite Standstill

The results of the COP27 climate conference are mixed. With the adoption of a fund for loss and damage, a historic step was taken towards climate justice - Switzerland, too, could no longer refuse ...
© Helvetas Pakistan / Owais Khan Khattak
08. September 2022

Unprecedented Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan is under water. An exceptional monsoon has brought a level of rainfall not seen for more than ten years and is affecting the whole country. Helvetas is on the ground providing emergency ...
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