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Happy Museums – tangible sustainability!

Find out more about how Swiss museums can contribute to greater sustainability.
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Helvetas, Naturama Aargau and Mercator Switzerland are committed to a happy, sustainable world and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Museums have an important role to play in this.

In 2015, the UN adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With their remit to serve society and their development, museums are predestined to take a leading role in sustainability. The example of the Happy Museums in the UK shows us how this can be approached in a far-reaching and inspiring way.

What can museums in Switzerland do and what do they want to do?

Following this question, Helvetas, Naturama Aargau and Mercator Switzerland organised a workshop for museum experts on 30 November 2018 in Bern. Documentation from the workshop "Happy Museums – tangible sustainability!" can be downloaded here.

We will provide more information on what is happening next soon.

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