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Why Climate Justice Matters

FROM: Franz Thiel, Masha Scholl – 07. February 2019
© Helvetas / Panii Jibon

Our work should be driven by people's needs and produce equitable outcomes. That's why we believe that technical work on climate resilience should have a social justice (or “rights-based”) element. Climate justice is about addressing the needs and perspectives of communities most exposed to climate change and enhancing their voice and capacities to find solutions.

Oak Foundation, Climate Justice Resilience Fund and Helvetas discussed the importance of climate justice and the best ways to address it at our recent event in Geneva, Switzerland. Learn about the key ideas voiced at the event in our videoblog from the event.

What climate justice is about and why it is important

Those who did not cause climate change are hit the hardest. Climate justice addresses their needs and ensures that their voices are heard.

Barbara Dietrich shared the videostory of Nasrin with the participants. Nasrin lives in Bangladesh, one of the countries most affected by climate change, and is experiencing its effects first-hand.

Local communities have the best solutions

Local communities are best positioned to catalyze new innovative solutions to climate effects that directly impact their lives.

What can foundations do to promote climate justice?

Climate justice is often lacking from strategies of both private foundations and public aid agencies. Working together, we need to change that paradigm.

All presentations from the event are available on the event page.

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