Helvetas Symposium 2022 - hybrid event

Kursaal in Berne, Switzerland, and online
23 November 2022, 2:30 - 5.30 CET, followed by a happy hour

Private Sector Engagement – from Aspirations to Reality

The independent Swiss development organization Helvetas holds an annual symposium for development cooperation professionals. The 2022 symposium focused on private sector engagement. Discussions were held on how the private sector can be embedded in development cooperation. One interesting part of the program was the e-game "Rice for People and Planet", which was produced by a Ukrainian company. Furthermore, there was a live guided tour of the Nature Bio Foods factory in India by director Rohan Grover. The conversation between Julia Gorchakova (Mars Food), Christian Frutiger (SDC), Arjumand Nizami (Helvetas) and Eme Essien Lore (ESG Africa) revealed that projects between development and private actors are essential to reach the 2030 Agenda. However, efforts must be stepped up to achieve more of their potential.

Watch the recording of the Helvetas Symposium 2022

Through partnerships with large companies, development organisations and donors hope to achieve impact and reach with their operations, as well as sustainability and innovation. This will be key for achieving the SDGs. At the same time, such collaborations carry risks, since goals and values of the unlike partners differ. What does it take to reach benefits for the poor and the companies, based on a sustainable use of natural resources? And how can mutual understanding be fostered and pitfalls be avoided?


14:30 Start Helvetas Symposium “Private Sector Engagement – from Aspirations to Reality”

14:45 Introductionary talk between two experts

15:00 Ukrainian-designed social e-game "Rice for People and Planet"

15:45 Interview with Rohan Grover, Director at Nature Bio Food India, a rice processing company

16:00 Break

16:15 Panel discussion with international experts, moderated by Zenebe Uraguchi, Programme Manager for a regional initiative in inclusive and green economic development

16:50 Questions and Answers

17:05 Reflection by Martin Saladin, Head of Operations and Deputy Head of the
Economic Cooperation and Development Division at State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

17:15 Wrap up by Melchior Lengsfeld, Executive Director at Helvetas

17:25 Closing by Arnold Kawuba, Host Symposium 2022

17:35 Happy Hour with physically present participants

20:00 End

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