Fanaye Gebrehiwot

Country Director, Helvetas Ethiopia
Fanaye Gebrehiwot
Topic: Keeping markets active in times of climate disasters through commercial destocking


Fanaye Gebrehiwot is a Development, Gender, and Social Equity specialist currently serving as the Country Director of Helvetas Ethiopia. Fanaye holds a Master of Arts Degree in law in development from the University of Warwick with a focus on Development, Gender, and international trade and a Bachelor's Degree from Mekelle University focusing on international and local laws and research methodology.

COP27 speaker topic: Keeping Markets Active in Times of Climate Disasters: Commercial Destocking
When disaster strikes, such as climate change-induced droughts, it is crucial that markets survive. Loss of markets is detrimental to communities affected by disasters. Helvetas is pioneering commercial destocking in the drought-affected Borana region of Ethiopia through subsiding certain costs that encouraged the traders to buy out drought-affected cattle from the local markets, thereby facilitating sales and thus reducing livestock numbers.