© Lesha Berezovskiy
31. January 2023

Multiplication of Crises in 2022 Leads to Increase in Donations at Helvetas

© Lesha Berezovskiy

Last year, global crises demanded an increased commitment from NGOs like Helvetas in various regions. In particular, the war in Ukraine, the flood disaster in Pakistan and the drought in Ethiopia increased the financial needs of the Swiss organization for development cooperation and humanitarian aid. In 2022, Helvetas received more donations than ever before: $50.2 million.

In 2022, Helvetas was present in many places where major crises shook the world, and expanded its development and humanitarian projects in several regions. The increased need for funding was met with an unprecedented response: The nonprofit organization collected $50.2 million in donations, more than ever before. This represents an increase of 18% over the previous year.

Donors showed particular solidarity for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka. In addition to donations from private individuals, contributions from foundations, companies, cantons and municipalities also increased last year, as did donations from legacies and wills.

Emergency aid for the needy worldwide

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine almost a year ago, Helvetas reacted quickly: first in neighboring Moldova, where the NGO provided refugees crossing the border with basic necessities and supported Moldovan families who took in Ukrainians. Later, Helvetas also started providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Together with local organizations, the NGO helps, for example, to repair houses damaged by bombs and to give people access to clean drinking water.

Thanks to its decades-long presence in Pakistan, Helvetas was able to take quick action to help those affected last summer after the devastating floods on the ground.

In Ethiopia, too, Helvetas was able to participate in a targeted and efficient humanitarian response to the terrible famine thanks to years of experience, local networking and good local knowledge.

Helvetas' long-term cooperation with the local population, civil society and the private sector extends to around 30 countries. The NGO advocates for basic needs such as access to water and food, creates training and income-generating opportunities, and promotes a voice for disadvantaged people - especially women. The goal: equal opportunities worldwide.  

The annual and financial report will be published in June 2023.


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