© Keystone/ AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti
Zürich, Switzerland – 25. February 2022

Helvetas Supports People Fleeing the War in Ukraine

© Keystone/ AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti

Together with partner organizations, Helvetas is preparing emergency response to support children, women and men who are suffering from the Ukraine war and are fleeing.

The war in Ukraine is disastrous for the Ukrainian people. According to UN estimates, more than 100,000 people have already been displaced. They are seeking protection in areas that have so far remained unaffected. Ukraine's European neighbors are preparing for the arrival of those in need of protection. 

Helvetas is supporting the emergency relief efforts of its local and European partner organizations that are active in Ukraine and surrounding countries. The NGO appeals for the solidarity of the Swiss with those in need in Ukraine and is collecting donations for victims of the war. Christian Gemperli, head of Humanitarian Response Helvetas: "We are coordinating the response with our network Alliance2015, of which People in Need (Czech Republic) and Acted (France) are on the ground. For the time being, they have moved their staff from Kyiv to the west of the country and are planning the humanitarian response operations from there. At the same time, Helvetas is looking at how we ourselves can support refugees arriving in neighboring countries. For example, in Moldova, where the line of cars at the border with Ukraine is already 60 kilometers long."

Humanitarian catastrophe 

The main victim of this war is the civilian population. Although the situation is currently unclear, a humanitarian catastrophe is looming. The supply of food and other essential goods could become a problem. Refugees in Ukraine itself and in neighboring countries also need protection from the cold and safe shelter. 

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