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30. January 2024

A Successful Donation Year for Helvetas – And Growing Need

© Helvetas / Franz Thiel

Helvetas can look back on a successful year for donations: The Swiss organization for international cooperation and humanitarian aid received a total of $50.7 million in donations in 2023. The great solidarity of Swiss and international donors, foundations and companies led to the second-best result in Helvetas' history.

Helvetas can look back on a good year for donations: Thanks to great solidarity, the nonprofit organization recorded $50.7 million in donations – the second-best result in its history. Contributions from international foundations have strongly increased. Donations from private individuals and support from foundations in Switzerland remained stable at a high level.

However, the positive donation result for 2023 should not obscure the fact that need has increased worldwide and, in times of war, a climate crisis and growing global inequality, more people are dependent on support – both in terms of acute emergency aid and sustainable development cooperation. The challenges are enormous, and it is clear that emergency aid must not come at the expense of long-term cooperation, which is the best form of crisis prevention.

Women are specifically empowered, economically and socially

Helvetas works with the local population, the private sector, local organizations and authorities in around 30 countries. The NGO campaigns for basic needs such as access to water and food, creates training and income opportunities, and promotes the participation of people who are disadvantaged, especially women. The goal: fair opportunities worldwide. 

Helvetas has enabled 2.5 million women to build a life without poverty. Experience shows: The economic empowerment of women is a key prerequisite for a fairer and more sustainable world. In over 16 partner countries, Helvetas works specifically for women and their social and economic betterment in the workplace, in the market and in the community. For example, in:

  • Ethiopia, where Helvetas has enabled 3,500 women between the ages of 18 and 24 to receive training and enter the labor market. At the same time, 1,500 girls aged 16 to 17 have been able to improve their reading, writing and arithmetic skills and thus prepare themselves for vocational training.
  • Guatemala, where Helvetas promotes entrepreneurship and economic self-determination among women smallholders who grow crops and keep small livestock. Over 16,600 women have significantly increased their income as a result.
  • Kyrgyzstan, where Helvetas supports local and regional small businesses in the areas of livestock breeding, beekeeping, handicrafts and tourism, as well as the employment of women and young people in the mountain region of "Alai." 3,695 farmer and producer households were able to significantly increase their income. In addition, the association of businesswomen in the region has been strengthened as an institution.

Further information:

The annual and financial report will be published at the end of May 2024.

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