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Inclusive Plug Episode 2: Unpacking Migration and Development in 30 Minutes

FROM: Sabin Selimi – 03. December 2020
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The human desire to seek decent employment and livelihoods is at the core of the nexus between migration and development. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, provides for a strong link between decent work and migration in Sustainable Development Goals on promoting inclusive and sustainable economic development. Recognition of human mobility is a key factor for sustainable development.

As a follow-up to the blog, here is the second episode of the Inclusive Plug series. We have interviewed:

  • Kristijan Fidanovski is a Barnett Scholar at the University of Oxford. For his research, Kristijan is exploring the relationship between ideology and fertility in Eastern Europe, where low birth rates, often coupled with high brain drain, are leading to an unsustainably small relative workforce size.
  • Zenebe Uraguchi is a development economist with multi-country experience in Asia, North America, Eastern Europe and Africa. His professional background started working with a multinational private company, Toyota, as international trade manager, and with a development research institute before moving to international development with Helvetas.
  • Elene Tkhlashidze is an economic development practitioner, currently leading the programmatic areas at the OPTIM project in Moldova.

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