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Inclusive Plug Episode 3: Carbon-neutral Balkans—Cold Hell?

FROM: Sabin Selimi – 10. December 2020
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The European Union wants Europe, including the Western Balkans, to become carbon neutral by 2050. That means abandoning coal, oil and gas completely. For many people in the region, a life without fossil fuels still seems inconceivable. How would people heat their homes with oil or gas? How would anyone get around, or transport goods? Yet it is also increasingly clear that we have to stop using fossil fuels as quickly as possible to slow global warming.

Here is the third episode of the Inclusive Plug series. We asked 4 experts from the region on whether the Western Balkans can become carbon neutral by 2050.

  • Azra Tanovic is a multi-disciplinary sustainability professional with a background in environmental and water resources engineering.
  • Denis Zisko is Energy and Climate Change Coordinator at Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Centre of Ecology and Energy.
  • Ana Colovic Lesoska is a Macedonian environmentalist. In recognition of her efforts and activism, last year she was one of six environmentalists to be awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize.
  • Zvezdan Kalmar, an expert on energy, transport and climate change, who’s also part of a major coalition of NGOs advocating for green transition of the Serbian society.

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