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Inclusive Plug Episode 13: Why and How Should Development Practitioners Blog About Their Work?

FROM: Sabin Selimi – 18. April 2021
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Development cooperation is being challenged. People question whether development works.

There are people in the development community who have a rich experience that provides answers to the critical questions that society raises. But their knowledge is tacit. It is only available to themselves and perhaps a narrow circle of their colleagues. Knowledge must be accessible. It is our responsibility as development practitioners to tell the story of our work.

For this episode, we have interviewed:

  • Duncan Green, who's senior strategic adviser for Oxfam GB, and Professor in Practice in International Development at the London School of Economics. He is author of ‘How Change Happens’ and ‘From Poverty to Power’. And most importantly, he is an avid blogger.
  • Zenebe Uraguchi, who’s Program Manager of RECONOMY and a practitioner of knowledge management, learning and communication. He’s a development economist, with multi-country experience in Asia, North America, Eastern Europe and Africa. He is the author of the blog on inclusive systems.
  • Masha Scholl, who’s responsible for global communications and regional communications in Eastern Europe at Helvetas. She has been working as a communication coordinator for environmental and development organizations since 2005.

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