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Helvetas Mosaic - Summer 2021

Helvetas Mosaic

Millions of laborers in the Western Balkans work in the informal economy without contracts or rights. Find out what the laborers themselves - and experts - think about this precarious state of employment.
© Jelena Đukić Pejić

Welcome to Helvetas Mosaic — a quarterly published by Helvetas Eastern European team for our email subscribers and website visitors. Our articles explore new trends and fresh ideas of international development work in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.


Helvetas Mosaic — Summer 2021

Uncovering Hidden Realities with Political Economy and Power Analysis

Before injecting financial and technical resources into existing systems, development organizations must understand what lies below the surface - the power dynamics, vested interests and unwritten rules.

Property Tax as a Path to Local Economic Independence

In this video, we explore why collecting property tax is so crucial for municipalities in Serbia (and the Western Balkans at large), the challenges encountered and the solutions that are proving effective.


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Chart of the month

This graph compares the level of citizens' trust in state institutions in Serbia and Switzerland. It was featured in "How Much Do Governments and Societies Trust Each Other? Here's What COVID-19 May Have Revealed" by Nenad Celarevic. 

© European Social Survey wave 9
© European Social Survey wave 9

Can the Western Balkans be carbon neutral by 2050?

In a joint project of the Helvetas Mosaic and the Reconomy program, we ask experts to give answers to tough questions. 

Read the full debate between Zvezdan Kalmar and Ana Colovic Lesoska. 

Can the Western Balkans Become Carbon Neutral by 2050?


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