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Ensuring all Women and Men in Nepal, Especially Those Who are Economically Poor and Socially Marginalized, have Dignified Lives

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Helvetas in Nepal

Helvetas Nepal is one of the decentralized country programs of Helvetas, and has been operating in Nepal under an agreement with the Government of Nepal since 1956.  It implements its programs and  projects throughout the country, cooperating with many technical and social organisations. Through its work at both local and national levels, Helvetas Nepal supports activities leading to sustainable development and poverty reduction. It aims at creating environments in which people have new choices and become equipped with new skills and abilities to improve their livelihoods.

Helvetas Nepal partners with local and national non-governmental organisations, private sector  entities, and local and national government  bodies. It promotes the principles of decentralization and subsidiarity in decision making, implementation and accountability for development.

Coverage as of December 2021