Optimization, improvement and promotion of selected hiking and horse riding tour products in Alai Valley

Location(s): Alai, Chon Alai districts

Assignment periods: 1 February - 30 November, 2023


  • Develop optimization, improvement, and promotion plan of selected tour products and further implementation of the developed.
  • Conducting trainings for service providers along selected itineraries to improve the quality of services provided and tourism infrastructure (kitchen, sanitary facilities).
  • Research available viable solutions to improve the infrastructure of yurt camps and guest houses.
  • Prepare and submit an updated budget for logistics according to the selected tour products.
  • Full package of the tour products: product descriptions, tour maps, pricing for group and individual tourists, and schedule of the planned tours.
  • Submit written report and photo report.

Expected results:

  • The cost of selected tours are optimized for end customers - tourists and tour operators.
  • Involved service providers along selected itineraries improved the quality of services and tourism infrastructure (kitchen, sanitary facilities).
  • Six selected yurt camps and two tent camps have improved kitchen, installed toilets and showers to improve the quality of service and facilities for tourists.
  • Final package of optimized, improved tour products.
  • Analytical report on results of promotion: Google Analytics describing the dynamics of leads from potential target audience.
  • 90% of tourists were satisfied with the quality of service and facilities of yurt camps and provided good positive feedback after the tour.

Application Procedure
Applicants must send the following documents by email to Beksultan.abdisalamov@helvetas.org and Aselia.bakirova@helvetas.org no later than January 31, 2023

List of application documents

  • Letter of interest describing experience in similar assignments.
  • Action plan, implementation schedule including detailed budget.
  • Copies of official registration of the applicant (patent, certificate of registration).

Main requirements for applicants:

  • Active in the tourism sector at least 5 years as a tour company/orgnization
  • Experience in developing and optimization oftour products.
  • Experience in working with international organizations for at least 3 years.
  • Knowledge of languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, knowledge of English is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of the project region is an advantage.

Terms of Reference

If you have any questions, please contact beksultan.abdisalamov@helvetas.org and tel. +996 (550) 33-92-92