Service Provider for Data Collection

The Project Circular Economy Cocoa - “From Bean To Bar”, funded by the European Union, will be implemented by HELVETAS Vietnam and CDC within the period 2022 - 2026, in the Central Highlands, South-East and Mekong Delta as the main cocoa planting areas of Vietnam.

The specific objectives of the Project include:

  • Transition the cocoa/chocolate subsector to regenerative and circular economy approaches at key points of the product lifecycle;
  • Leverage change in the cocoa subsector to trigger the uptake of circular economy approaches in the wider agri-food sector;
  • Prove the feasibility of closed-loop and circular production, providing an example for others to follow and informing supportive policies.

Helvetas Vietnam and its partner Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam (PGPI) are looking for a service provider to perform the assignment “Data collection and farm household survey for cocoa production in Southern provinces of Vietnam.”

The main objective of this assignment is to build up a comprehensive and informative database on cocoa farmer households and their cultivating farms, supporting to development and launch of the company’s digital supply chain management and traceability system. The system is complying with EU environmental regulations.

See the attached TOR for details.

Candidates, who are interested in this work, please send your profiles, Technical and Financial Proposal to Helvetas and PGPI at the following emails and by 15/06/2023.