Calling for Agency to carry on “Gấc” photobook with Moocos Ltd

Helvetas Vietnam is implementing the Project “Scaling up of Ethical BioTrade initiatives within the Phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam 2016-2020” funded by EU (BioTrade EU project). The overall objective of the project is to contribute that Vietnam is an internationally recognized supplier country of natural ingredient products for phytopharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries – sourced and processed according to voluntary Ethical BioTrade (EBT) standards. One of the important beneficiaries of the project is the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working on producing and selling pharmaceutical products.

The project aims at raising awareness of the BioTrade’s value and build a consumption style that considers EBT standards for businesses as well as consumers and, supporting SMEs to improve their brands’ awareness in the domestic market.

We are looking for a service provider for BioTrade EU Project in cooperation with Moocos Ltd. Company for their marketing materials.

The interested individuals/agencies please send your cover letter, portfolio, technical (action plan is included) and budget proposal to and

Deadline: 3/01/2020.


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