24. May 2020

VCB-N-WEBINAR4:The impact of COVID19 pandemic on agro-commodity chains and the role of leading agro-corporates in mitigating impacts and shaping path-ways for a more resilient agro-business

The Value Chain Capacity Building Network (VCB-N), is organizing a series of Webinars around the theme of “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on agricultural value chains - What we can do to mitigate the impact!” 

The objective of the series is to provide an opportunity to assess the impact of the current crises on the ground in different countries, while allowing a moment of reflection and discussion. 

The 4th Webinar in this series will highlight the impact of the crises on major agro-commodities and the role of leading companies in the sector to mitigate impact and recovery efforts and lead the way towards an agricultural sector that is more resilient towards external shocks like pandemics.

Many questions, whether it is desirable to return to the pre-COVID19 situation, in terms of a very globalized agricultural sector that was steered by cost-efficiency. What is the vision for shaping the post-COVID agricultural and food sector, is it time for new paradigms for the food sector in terms of production, sourcing, and trade that incorporate risk mitigation and adaptation strategies? 

Some questions we hope to address during the Webinar include:

- How and to what extent are (international) agro-commodities chains interrupted by the pandemic?

- How does the current COVID 19 pandemic impact the producers and the destination/consumer markets, at present, and in the long run

- What coping mechanisms are evolving to mitigate impacts and what recovery efforts are taking place?. How can Public-Private Partnerships play a role in mitigation and recovery efforts?

- What will the “new normal” in the agricultural sector look like? And how can Public-Private Partnerships contribute to the vision of a more resilient agricultural sector?

Resource persons are from IFAD and the corporate sector!

JOIN US ON THE 28th of May 2020
14.00 DHAKA time (GMT+6)
(10.00 AM Amsterdam, 15.00 PM Hanoi, 16.00 PM Beijing)