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Dushanbe, Tajikistan – 08. March 2018

Know your Rights- Define your Future!

© Helvetas

‘I want to know more about my rights’- young gentleman is approaching the lawyer, who sits in front of the table. The lawyer is the lady from the non-governmental organization called ‘League of Women Lawyers’, that provides free legal consultations to citizens of Dushanbe city. The area around the table is getting crowded, as other young people, girls and boys, come closer and listen to the lawyers’ answers.

This is just a snapshot from the infotainment event, that took place on 7th of March, within the framework of the 'Access to Justice' project. The event was organized jointly with the 'Prevention of the Domestic Violence' project in one the most popular places and most visited entertainment venue in Dushanbe. This is one of the many joint events that are conducted by both projects since 2016.

The aim of the event was to increase the legal awareness of visitors, with special focus on young girls and boys. The programme of the event included free legal consultations from the ‘League of Women Lawyers’, raffle, thematic theater performances and legal quiz.

During four hours, young people were sharing their own experiences and concerns, while lawyers were providing explanations on family and civil law. Participants of the event were also involved into hot discussions on sensitive legal topics such as 'marriage', ‘bigamy’, ‘alimony’ and ‘divorce’ in Tajikistan. 

After the quiz, young peple were reaching the lawyers and asking them to share contacts in order to receive further consultations. As an outcome, the event encouraged young people to know more about their rights and induced interest towards free legal consultations available in Tajikistan.

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