Study on functionality of water supply systems

06. May 2022

In order to map and assess the general situation of water supply sources (boreholes and systems), HELVETAS is carrying out a Study on the Functionality of Water Supply Sources in the districts of Mecubúri and Eráti in the province of Nampula, Chiuré, Ancuabe, Mecúfi and Namuno in the province of Cabo Delgado.
The study should provide information on the existence of light and heavy faults, solvable and non-solvable technical problems and lead to the creation of a database of existing water supply sources in the districts covered by the research.
With a timeframe of 4 months, the Study on the Functionality of Water Supply Sources will be carried out in alternate weeks in each district, allowing for greater coverage and reducing the time spent in the field. With completion scheduled for next June, from the study is expected, among other results, the total number of broken down and operational fountains in the districts mentioned above, number of inhabitants and families who benefit or benefited from these sources.