More than 9,000 families now have drinking water in Nahipa


HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation (HELVETAS) in the framework of the implementation of ORATTA II project activities supported the construction of the Nahipa Water Supply System in Mecuburi District, Nampula Province.

The system recently inaugurated by the governor of Nampula Province, Manuel Rodrigues, will benefit about 9000 families. It consists of 4 public fountains and 28 household connections and is under management by a private operator.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Provincial Director of Infrastructure, the District Administrator, members of the District Government, local authorities and beneficiaries. The inauguration also included the traditional ceremony.

Also, within the scope of the work carried out, the Multisectoral Association for Sustainable Development (AMULTSDS) is evaluating the communities to acquire the Statute of Open Skies Fecalism during the year 2020.

The ORATTA project is implemented by HELVETAS, with funding from Viva Con Agua.