"I used to judge without listening to the people involved in a dispute"- Leonarda Ramos.

BY: Leonel Albuquerque - 13. December 2023

Helvetas Mozambique's partners in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado took part in a workshop on Conflict Sensitivity, held on 04 to 08 December 2023 respectively. In total, nearly 30 representatives of the strategic and implementing partners (non-governmental and community-based organizations) of the Helvetas Mozambique programme attended the training.

The Conflict Sensitivity workshop aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to act in a conflict-sensitive manner. This year, the course comprised a new and updated topic, centred on the different approaches to managing conflicts identified in project management and implementation. Leonarda Ramos, one of the participants, said: "I learned that dialogue can often resolve or avoid many conflicts. In everyday life, I often judged the people involved in a conflict without listening to them boths. It was a big mistake I made, so it became clear that this is not the right approach."

The Conflict Sensitivity training course was facilitated by Security Advisor Gércia Aboo and Communications and Advocacy Advisor Leonel Albuquerque. This is the third time that Helvetas Mozambique programme has organized training on conflict sensitivity for the main stakeholders involved in project implementation, after the first and second courses in 2019 and 2022 respectively.