"I used to write success stories as if they were reports", Ricardo Mendes

BY: Leonel Albuquerque - 21. October 2022

Fifteen employees, four different projects and two days to learn together about Success Story Writing, Media Engagement and Email Netiquette in Nampula (Mozambique) on October 10-11. 

We learned to identify and document success stories, the different steps for their production, interview techniques and photographic documentation, as well as good communication practices and management of electronic correspondence (the emails).

"I am able to make changes in the way I write my project stories. Before, I didn't differentiate between a success story and a report. I would write everything the same way, without emotion, without the concern for the audience of the content I was preparing. I also really liked the approach, the practical exercises in groups made the environment more open and it didn't even seem like we were in a training," said Ricardo Mendes, one of the participants.

We jointly conducted the workshop between Leonel Albuquerque, Communications Expert and Advocacy Advisor and Franz Thiel , Digital Communications Advisor