Six thousand people now have potable water in Eráti

BY: Leonel Albuquerque - 22. October 2022

In a group of around ten women from the Alua Administrative Post, was Arlinda Ernesto drawing water from a fountain installed near the new water supply system. She doesn't know how high the tower is, but she is aware that the top tank will help the water to flow with greater pressure and benefit more families living in that rural area, which is typically characterized by precarious housing. In regions like Alua, any improved service represents a great advance for families.

"I am happy because this new tank will bring more water to more people in the village. My daughters will not have to walk long distances to collect water. Also here at the standpipe the queues will be reduced because many people like me will be able to have water at home."
Arlinda Ernesto is part of the nearly 6 thousand families of the communities of Samora Machel Locality, Administrative Post of Alua, in Eráti district, Nampula province, that have been consuming drinking water since October 12th this year, as a result of the inauguration of the first Water Supply System built by HELVETAS in that Administrative Post, as part of the KALAI project, with funding from charity:water.

Inaugurated by the District Administrator, Manuel Salimo Amisse Manussa, the new water supply system has the capacity to store 20 thousand cubic liters, with a 12.5 meters tower, and is supplying 4 water fountains distributed in the locality neighborhoods.

The KALAI project has so far installed 2 water supply systems that are in full operation in the districts of Eráti and Mecubúri and 2 others are in their final stages in the districts of Ancuabe and Namuno, in the province of Cabo Delegado.