HELVETAS Mozambique and BNBC organize first Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair

13. August 2022

HELVETAS Mozambique jointly with BNBC organized the first Fair of Employment and Entrepreneurship held in Nampula city, on last July 29th. At the event which was attended by 100 exhibitors, among job seekers, HELVETAS was represented by the HOJE project coordinator, Inês Domingos. HOJE aims to develop the skills of youth people and support in their social employability insertion.
During the pilot phase, the project trained 1,024 youth (467 women), of which 326 youth people (102 women) entered the labor market as self-employed or employed.
By the end of the first semester of 2022 the project achieved the following results (phase II):

  • Mobilized 3,013 youth (1,223 women)
  • Submitted to training 1,307 youth people (570 women); were selected to participate in the different qualifications/courses offered by the training providers (institutes and artisans);
  • Trained and graduated in various institutions 1.276 youth (555 women), using various mechanisms to ascertain the knowledge acquired
  • Entered into the labor market 920 youth (308 women);
  • Capacitated in life skills 1,307 youth (570 women);
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 607 youth (208 women);
  • Youth connections to financing and incubation support services were established with partners Future Bank, SOCINNE, IPEME and BNBC;
  • Established Partnership Agreement with 11 partner Institutes and 168 in the training provider of cooperative group.