Cyclone Gombe victims: 59 families receive humanitarian support

06. April 2022

At least 59 families affected by the cyclone Gombe, in the community of Colomoa, district of Larde, Nampula province, have received kits of hygiene products (including of female dignity), 20 liters buckets and water purifier (Certeza).

The distribution process was witnessed by the local community leaders, aiming to respond quickly to the assessment made on March 13, 2022, in that community where 59 have been reported affected by cyclone Gombe.

The distribution of kits was carried out by HELVETAS on March 18th and took place in an orderly manner thanks to the nominal list of families that the community leader had provided and the KoBo tool, which allowed to taking photos of identity card and/or photos of the beneficiaries, so that there would be no repetition of kit deliveries.

In total 59 hygiene kits, 59 female dignity kits, 118 20 liters buckets and 118 bottles of Certeza were distributed.

This humanitarian support from HELVETAS Mozambique is the outcome of a preliminary assessment of the cyclone Gombe's impact on that community, which was attended by the chief of the locality, secretary of the district and other local authorities who reported 59 affected families.

The cyclone Gombe hit Mozambique on March 10 this year, particularly affecting the provinces of Nampula and Zambezia, causing the destruction of public and private infrastructure, access roads and residences.

The ANA Response project is funded by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Swiss Solidarity (SwS) aiming to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to populations affected by the various natural or non-natural phenomenon, to safeguard development efforts in the areas of WASH and food security.