Organic Cashew nuts exported from Mozambique test Dutch consumers

PHOTOS / VIDEOS: Leonel Albuquerque - 09. November 2022

The EcoEnergia company made the first exports of ready-to-eat organic cashew nuts to Netherlands, in September of this year. The expectation is that henceforth sales to that European country will be made on a monthly basis, depending on the response and demand of Dutch consumers for this differentiated product. Netherlands is not the only country interested in Mozambique's organic products, there are other countries on the list of potential buyers, such as Sweden and Portugal.

"The sale of local products, in the particular case of Mozambique's organic nuts, represents a great achievement and accomplishment for our company and partners. It is a small step that encourages us to continue working to overcome the challenges inherent to the quantity and quality of production," said Monika Branks, Executive Director of EcoEnergia.

The organic nuts now being exported are produced by Ouro Verde - a project owned by EcoEnergia and supported by HELVETAS Mozambique which through the AMCANE project (Peanut, Cashew and Sustainable Small Business) promotes linkages between smallholder farmers and the private sector.

In addition to nuts, the first sale to the Netherlands also included organic sugar. Within Helvetas interventions, the pilot phase of organic production in Mozambique involves producers from 6 certified agricultural cooperatives working with Ouro Verde, 2 in Cabo Delgado province and 4 in Nampula province. These cooperatives have commercialized up to 7 tons.