Agricultural fairs promote linkage between farmers and input providers

PHOTOS / VIDEOS: Leonel Albuquerque - 29. August 2022

The AMCANE project (Peanut, Cashew and Small Sustainable Business) implemented by HELVETAS Mozambique, has held, since last July to the current month (August), three agricultural fairs in the districts of Chiúre, Eráti and Namuno, Cabo Delgado province, with the objective of promoting links between agricultural producers, input suppliers and other systemic actors that intervene in the agricultural production, commercialization, and seed use chains.

The agricultural fairs were organized in partnership with the District Services for Economic Activities (SDAEs) of the three regions mentioned above and were attended by just over 600 visitors and other organizations such as BioAgro, Agrifocos, AQI, PROMA COMERCIAL, Agrodealers, and BAYER.

Some farmers who interacted with the technical staff of the AMCANE project during the event said that initiatives of this kind should continue, as they are opportunities to purchase inputs at affordable prices, compared to that applied in the local villages by the agrodealers. It is also a good starting point for companies to establish branches for input commercialization, one of the main concerns of agricultural producers.

This is the fourth time that the AMCANE project, funded by the Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungsdienst (LED) (LED) and in partnership with PAKKA, is organizing agricultural fairs.


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