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Nampula - Mozambique – 18. May 2018

Helvetas Launches Sustainable Cashew and Peanut Small Businesses Project

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Helvetas, in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation and PAKKA, launched the Small Business Sustainable Peanut and Cashew project (AMCANE), which aims to improve the livelihoods of small farmers and small business owners. In addition to the project strategic partners, the event was attended by representatives of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Food Security of Nampula, INCAJU and key players in the Peanut and Cashew value chain in the province.

The opening of the project launch event was made by Helvetas Mozambique country director, Jürg Merz, who, in addition to welcoming the participants, pointed up the importance of the project in improving the lives of small farmers. Meanwhile, the presentation of AMCANE was made by  project coordinator, Jerónimo Binda, who spoke about the objectives, approach, main actors and expected results.

The launch of the project was also marked by a panel discussion on the value chains of Peanut and Cashew, addressing the challenges of the international market, production experiences, as well as the regulatory framework for those products.

It should be noted that AMCANE is a project that will be implemented in two provinces (Nampula and Cabo Delgado) and will focus on the Peanut and Cashew nut crops. The project lasts for four years (2018-2021) and its interventions will focus on increasing productivity with higher productivity, reducing post-harvest loss, improving quality and prices (including premiums for high quality products) for small producers.