Construction Of Emergency Latrine for IDPs

3,000 people will benefit of emergency latrines in Nanjua B village, located in Ancuabe District
FROM: Graça Ricardo – 16. December 2020

HELVETAS started the installation of emergency latrines in Nanjua B, a community located in the district of Ancuabe, Cabo Delgado province. This community is actually hosting more than 2,500 displaced people, and more are waited in the next weeks. At the moment is planned the installation of 60 emergency latrines with bath unit, able to benefit 3,000 people.

To implement this activity, HELVETAS engaged an association of local artisans called Força da mudança. Since this association never had any previous experience in building an “emergency latrine”, HELVETAS organized a training session with PRONANAC Educational, a local association, based in the district of Mecufi,  that showed  to the artisans how to build an emergency latrines with bath unit.

To maximize the support to the displaced people, the trained local artisans will hire workers and buy materials (bamboo, wooden sticks) from the local community.

These emergency latrines are not planned to be used for long time. It is expected that after 3-4 months, the families will have completed the construction of their houses and private latrines. At that time the emergency latrines will be decommissioned and the land restored.

During the process, HELVETAS will support the artisans with the provision of plastic slab and tarpaulin, provided by UNICEF, specifically designed for the emergencies..

This activity is part of a project co-financed by UNICEF and Swiss Solidarity.


Latrine construction Process
Construction support material
First laje latrine