Alai, Kyrgyzstan – 09. April 2020

Stories of people in Kyrgyzstan during the quarantine. Talant Toksonbaev

We continue a series of posts "Stories of people during the quarantine". Next story is from Talant Toksonbaev, Coordinator of CBT Alay.

When I first saw the news about coronavirus in the media, I could not have imagined that the infection would be so widespread and that it would reach our country.

There is a strange atmosphere. There are very few people on the street, and most businesses are closed. People are hoarding groceries, masks and antiseptics have sold out in the pharmacies. There is some kind of panic.

I work in tourism, and I tell you that the quarantine will have a significant impact on the business. I am almost sure that we will face an economic crisis. All reservations are being cancelled. But I try to see the positive side everything. We will now have time for marketing, for development of new tourism products, market analysis and self-development.

In times like these, you need to spend as much time as you can on self-development. I would advise everyone to read, work on their weaknesses, to improve themselves. Those who can't sit at home can volunteer and help people. If everyone follows the WHO guidelines, this won't last long. Only when we stay disciplined and take responsibility, we will be able to defeat this virus.