Osh, Kyrgyzstan – 05. April 2020

Stories of people in Kyrgyzstan during the quarantine. Aizharkyn Mamytova

We continue a series of posts "Stories of people during the curfew". The next story is from Mamytova Aizharkyn, a teacher of history of the Osh city school No 52.

When news of a virus in China appeared in the media and on the Internet, I assumed that it would soon come here too, since we border China. However, I could not have imagined that it would be on such a large-scale and hurt the whole planet.

At first, people did not take it seriously, as if this did not concern us. Even my colleagues said that there was no need for quarantine. Now, people feel apprehensive about everything. At first, people started to panic a bit and began to hoard food. Flour became more expensive. The atmosphere became gloomy, and people began to worry about their health, they simply stopped going out. Even I started to panic for a while because of things I read on the Internet. Those in the food business are doing fine. But it hurts everyone else economically. Many people have loans. It would be good if banks and the government will support the people, at least delay the repayment of loans, lower tax rates temporarily.

The panic is gone, but everyone takes the situation very seriously. At work, colleagues disinfected the school thoroughly. And although we live next door to my sister, we don’t visit each other, we don’t let our children play outside. My husband works in the military, and when he comes home, he takes off his clothes before coming inside. He only comes after he has disinfected the clothes, and cleaned himself.

I would like to thank the doctors, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for doing a very good job.