Kyrgyzstan / Germany – 12. May 2022

Sales of products made from Kyrgyz fabric started in Germany

The German brand Folk Days & Wildling Shoes presented a new summer collection made from taar fabric brought to Germany from Kyrgyzstan. The fabric was made on special order by artisans from Chon-Alai and Batken region.

The order for the supply of organic cotton material was received back in 2021 by the local souvenir shop Nomad Store. To fulfill the order, BioFarmer company from the Jalal-Abad region and artisans of the Business Women of Alay PU from Chon-Alay were involved. In addition, in order to purchase the most suitable equipment, a trip was organized to Margilan, Uzbekistan, and a number of negotiations and consultations were held with specialists and entrepreneurs from Portugal and Germany.

“Our task was to prepare the fabric. We sent test fabrics several times with different natural colors. As a result, the customer settled on the color "Turmeric" (yellow). Artisans from Chon-Alai began to weave dyed yarn, and due to the large volume of the order, we also involved artisans from Batken region. Significant support in the implementation of the task was provided by the Swiss Bai Alai programme implemented by Helvetas Kyrgyzstan,” said Nasyikat Ismailova, Representative of Nomad Store.

You can get acquainted with the summer collection of Folk Days & Wildling Shoes, as well as purchase accessories and shoes from natural products made in Kyrgyzstan, on the website