Tallin, Estonia - 10. October 2023

Kyrgyzstan Celebrated in Green Destinations' Top 100 Sustainable Stories of 2023

During the global "Green Destinations" conference on October 9th in Tallinn, Estonia, the picturesque town of Karakol secured its spot in the "Top 100 Success Stories of Sustainable Destinations 2023."

This prestigious acknowledgment celebrates the dedication and efforts of all tourism contributors in Karakol and throughout Kyrgyzstan towards fostering sustainable and conscientious tourism.

Annually, the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories competition assembles standout practices and motivational stories from worldwide destinations.

This year, Kyrgyzstan presented Karakol's compelling narrative of tourist guides' perseverance in maintaining year-round employment. Their story delves into the roles these guides play in crafting memorable experiences for tourists throughout every season. This tale sheds light on the successful strategies and projects aimed at continually enhancing training and elevating the quality of guide services, which include ski and cultural tour guides. Their determination has equipped them with newfound skills, provided consistent income, and bolstered their employment opportunities. The inclusion of Karakol's narrative within the "Top 100 Success Stories of Sustainable Destinations 2023" further cements the town's dedication to sustainability and ethical tourism practices. It's crucial to highlight that Karakol's inclusion signifies a monumental triumph not only for the town but also for the broader Kyrgyzstani tourism sector.

This recognition stems from the collective efforts of the Sustainable Development of Winter Tourism in Kyrgyzstan project (WTK), Karakol City Hall, Destination Karakol, and all tourism industry stakeholders in Karakol.

It's noteworthy to mention that the Alay District of Kyrgyzstan received similar recognition in 2022 with the support of another project - GreenTour-Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Kyrgyzstan.

About Green Destinations:
Founded in the Netherlands, Green Destinations ardently champions sustainable tourism by assessing, nurturing, and accrediting committed destinations and enterprises. The organization orchestrates numerous international programs, aligning sustainable tourism experts, advisors, and nonprofits. Over 450 destinations and 50 businesses from 60 nations are proud participants. Their mission? To redefine tourism for the better.

Green Destinations Conference 2023:
Hosted from October 8-10 in Tallinn, Estonia, the conference congregated sustainability experts and enthusiasts worldwide to discuss pressing sustainability concerns and exchange best practices in adept destination management.