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An ordinary man becomes a master in the construction of energy efficient stoves and ochoks

Story of Maksat Abakirov
TEXT: Erkin Abakirov - 21. June 2018
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Currently, Abakirov Maksat is a popular master in the construction of energy efficient stoves and ochoks. In 2016, he completed courses in this direction in the framework of the G-STAR project, and mastered modern technologies for their use. Prior to that, he also worked on the construction of stoves and ochoks, but he became really successful after participating in the G-STAR project activities aimed at providing comprehensive support to construction teams organized from among graduates. Next, we will discuss in more detail the history of Maksat.

Maksat Abakirov | © Helvetas
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As you know, the path to success is not always easy and fast, and often long and thorny, as was the case with Maksat. He is a zootechnician by profession, he was the owner of a profession that was in demand and revered during the USSR, but while he was studying, the country disintegrated, collective and state farms disappeared, and for zootechnicians there was no work. After that, he tried himself in various industries, including the popular at that time trade, various types of construction work and even for a while contacted criminals. As a result, Maksat found his vocation in the construction of stoves and ochoks.

Since 2009, he began to build stoves and ochoks, and came to this area also by accident. One day one of his relatives invited him to glue the surface of the new, still not quite frozen ochok, with tiles, and asked to be careful, since the point was built using special technology and for big money. Maksat was intrigued, and he decided to first study the design, after which everything was returned to its places and pasted with tiles, as planned. After this incident, Maksat began to experiment on the construction of ochoks, and when he began to get good he began to earn extra money and earn a living.

«Despite the fact that at the time of the courses I already had a lot of experience in construction, I was interested in the courses, as there was an opportunity to get acquainted with new technologies and ways of building stoves and ochoks, to help needy families in my village, and in general, I am a very curious person.»

Maksat Abakirov

One of the main factors of the immediate increase in the number of orders, for Maksat became marketing skills acquired in the courses conducted within the project. On marketing trainings together with trainers, a plan was developed to promote the services by various methods, including the Internet, newspapers, announcements on the markets, creation of business cards, etc. Despite the fact that before that he had worked in the construction industry for a long time, he took orders for stoves and ochoks about once a month. As a result of marketing activities, Maksat managed to get a huge number of orders, and he could already choose his clients, depending on the attractiveness of the order and the schedule of work.

Today, thanks to the quality work on new technologies and a large number of grateful customers, Maksat has no shortage of work, because of the excess of orders, he sometimes has to transfer orders to other colleagues. He is no longer limited to fulfilling orders from nearby villages, but often travels to Bishkek, where he receives the majority of orders and manages to earn much more than in rural areas. Maksat's plans include the creation of an association or firm that could unite professionals in this business and execute more orders, or receive larger orders.

G-Star Project | © Helvetas
© Helvetas

As of today, he has fulfilled 30 orders on the construction of stoves and generated income more than 200 000 KGS.

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