Cesar Robles

Senior Advisor Learning & Innovation
Cesar Robles, BA

Empower people with knowledge!

In 2008, Cesar Robles left his small hometown in Mexico in a quest to discover the world and to make meaningful contributions. It was not long before he found himself leading large-scale communication strategies in Asia and facilitating networks for governments, NGOs, CSOs and the UN. Cesar has a BA in Communications. The more he worked in development cooperation across a variety of topics (since 2009), the more he realized that knowledge management - especially as it relates to collaboration, sharing and learning - is a foundation for successful projects. With this motivation, he started working at Helvetas in Switzerland in 2012 on knowledge management in projects such as intra/extranet, digital collaboration platforms, conference/workshop facilitation, multimedia reports, storytelling, e-discussions, e-newsletters, webinars and livestreams, amongst others.