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Helvetas Mosaic - Summer 2022

How Kosovo is Preparing Youth for the Jobs of Tomorrow

The future of jobs is no longer singular. It is diverging by industry, sector and profile, and is heavily influenced by technology, skills availability and the adaptability of the modern workforce.
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Helvetas Mosaic — Summer 2022

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“Poor become poorer”: Western Balkans Hit hard by War in Ukraine

Food and energy prices are going up as economic growth goes down in the Western Balkans. Experts argue that the EU should finally include the region in its budget - to stop bleeding out the labor force and fuel hope for a more economically stable future.
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Building a Diversified Learning Ecosystem to Address the Skills Gap Crisis

Two case studies explore if the "company academy" model or low-cost e-learning offers sustainable, accessible ways to upskill existing employees and access new talent pools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Chart of the month

How much do you plan to invest in digital transformation in the next 12 months?

These four charts show the results of the survey of Albanian companies in four sectors: Financial, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Agribusiness and Tourism & Hospitality.

The charts appeared in the article "Mapping Opportunities for the Digital Economy in Albania".


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