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Helvetas Mosaic - Winter 2021-2022

Is the Digital Revolution the Balkan's Big Chance?

The Western Balkan countries lost the economic race with Western Europe over the last thirty years, and many consider the digital revolution as their big chance to make up for lost time. Are they close to bringing this vision to life?
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Helvetas Mosaic — Winter 2021-2022

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21 Examples of Digital Government Best Practices in the Western Balkans

A research team from Sweden brought together young policymakers, public servants and civil society workers from the region and asked them to present best practices of e-government from their countries.
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How the Pandemic is Helping Serbia in the Struggle Against Bureaucracy

Everyone knows about the endless queues, mountains of paperwork, and the bribery necessary to finish something that should be a routine issue. Can a digitized government improve these issues?


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