Visitantuli Pilyson’s Journey - working with HELVETAS Tanzania

BY: Visitantuli Pilyson - 20. December 2023

I joined HELVETAS in 2020 as a Field Practical Trainee in KIBOWAVI project. This marked the beginning of my hands-on experience in a horticulture project and transformation within local communities, particularly in the lives of youth and women. After three (3) months, I shifted to Climate-Smart Organic Cotton project where my role grew from field practical trainee to an intern tasked as a Market Field Facilitator connecting farmers to markets, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to a landscape approach that aimed to enhance livelihood in the face of climate change challenges.

In 2021, I got promoted to Junior Project Officer within Climate-Smart Organic Cotton project where I actively contributed to business development and climate change adaptation strategies. Each decision made and every action taken became a piece in the mosaic of positive change within the cotton-producing areas. As the Climate-Smart Organic Cotton project came to an end, I embraced the challenge of a new initiative in a UKIJANI project from July 2023. This project is designed to empower women and youth, providing them access to land, technical capacity building, and financial literacy. My role extends beyond implementation; it encompasses monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that our efforts translate into tangible and sustainable impacts.

Visitantily and a colleague instructing primary schools' pupils on how to plant trees. 

During this exciting journey in my profession, I have witnessed the growth of individuals and communities. Empowering women and youth not only in economic terms but also through regenerative agriculture and agro-forestry practices. As I reflect on this journal of growth and impact, I see a journey that transcends personal and professional boundaries. The challenges faced and the successes celebrated are not just mine but shared with the resilient communities that believed in sustainable development. Looking forward, my commitment to fostering positive change remains unwavering, and this journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, purpose, and sustainable practices.

Visitantuli conducting field activities.