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Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Helvetas started its first project in Moldova in 2018, aiming to stimulate its market systems and generate more economic opportunities for its citizens.
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  • Capital
  • Area
    33,846 km²
    Rank: 112 out of 188
  • Population
  • Thematic focus
    Vocational Skills Development
    Market Systems Development
    Gender & Social Equity
    Agriculture and Nutrition
* Source: UN Data

Since independence in 1991, the country has pursued political, economic and social transition towards establishing democratic institutions, introducing a market economy and building a nation. It has made significant progress in reducing poverty and promoting inclusive growth.

At the same time Moldova's economic growth is still mostly fueled by consumption and money that numerous Moldovans living abroad send to their families back home. Only about 40% of the population is employed.

Strengthening markets and job seekers for a more prosperous economy

With our first project in the country, we aim to stimulate Moldova’s market systems, so they generate better economic opportunities for Moldovans. Our focus is on agriculture, which is a big industry with a lot of jobs, but very low wages, and on ICT, which has high salaries but struggles to find competent employees.

In agriculture, we work with agribusiness to make it more competitive, so that it can offer higher-quality, better-paid jobs for the youth. We also aim to strengthen the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and improve ICT training throughout the country so that graduates offer better skills to employers.  

«Girls and boys graduate from Moldova’s schools and universities at the same level. However, because of the traditional childcare function women are less likely to be employed at higher skilled positions and are paid less than men. Addressing gender equity is one of our priorities in Moldova.»

Elene Tkhlashidze, MSD Advisor / MRM Lead, Moldova

Our Projects in Moldova

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Moldova Private Sector Development

Strong Markets for Empowered Moldova

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Our Topics

Education and Vocational Skills

Lack of education perpetuates inequality because poor countries cannot compete economically without a skilled workforce.

Private Sector Development

Youth need access to reliable, fairly paid jobs to break the cycle of poverty. Helvetas creates partnerships and promotes policies that build more inclusive economies.


Young people are a tremendous asset, but also a possible threat when denied access to labor markets, services and decision-making. Almost every second unemployed person is aged between 15 and 24.